How It Works


3 Simple Steps

  1. Call me to chat about your organisation's needs
  2. Book an assessment call for your employee (1-1) or choose a slot for the Drop-In
  3. Choose & pay for your package!


accelerated results

The use of hypnotherapy accelerates your progress compared with stand-alone coaching. Most clients reach their goals within 2-4 months, although some work with me for longer.


your commitment

I manage my client numbers carefully to enable me to fully connect with and serve each one. We talk up to three times per week – in person, on Skype, or on the phone. 

Clients are carefully selected and must be absolutely committed to the process. 


transformational coaching & hypnotherapy

After years spent helping clients transform their lives I have created a unique blend of coaching and hypnotherapy tailored to each individual client. 

The coaching draws on multiple models and incorporates NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Hypnotherapy provides the tools to allow you to uncover and resolve what has been holding you back as well as rehearsing your desired changes and powerfully anchoring future strategies. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not just about delving into the past.

Examples of What We Can Cover:

stress, burnout

Learning to notice the signs of imbalances, and how to manage them can save more widespread stress on individuals and on teams as a whole.

organisational skills

Bad time-management, procrastination, inability to prioritise or set clear goals can have a huge impact on staff productivity. 

public speaking

From speaking up at meetings to delivering training and presentations, everyone deserves to feel comfortable expressing themselves.

confidence & self-esteem

If we're feeling confident and believe in ourselves, we operate at the top of our game and don't waste time comparing with others or trying to bring down others in our team.

interpersonal relations

Whether we're talking about exchanges with external clients, internal teams or personal contacts it is vital to be able communicate effectively.

anxiety, depression, trauma

Many mild to moderate mental health conditions go undetected but can lead to huge problems at work and home, impacting on personal and organisational performance.

Outcomes of My Work with Clients:

improved performance


When a client becomes 'unstuck', they feel lighter and have more energy. Improved clarity leads to better decision-making and organisational skills, more efficiency and efficacy.

enhanced communication skills


Personal Development Coaching requires self-evaluation, and effective dialogue and communication.- all essential, transferable skills at work or at home.

more motivation


Whether you found yourself procrastinating or just generally lacking motivation, your blended coaching programme will help you get your mojo back!

greater confidence


This coaching process naturally increases self-belief and self-esteem. Having vision and being able to set clear goals for yourself and others is empowering and makes you a better leader.

a true sense of balance


It's all about the balance - our work together will help you find your true 'centre-point' which becomes blurred by life-pressures. From there you can re-establish harmony in relationships and work-life needs.