Packages & Prices

1-1 Coaching for Wellbeing & Performance


  · Targeted, flexible programmes for 1 person.

· Liaising with employer regarding goals, measures & outcomes

· May be useful for staff with specific work-related issues (eg public speaking, self-esteem, communication or organisational skills) and/or wellbeing or mild mental health issues* (eg stress or anxiety).

  • Follow-up emails with goal setting every session
  • May be taken as 45 mins, 1-hour, 1.5 or-2 hour sessions

Skype & tel appointments available Mon-Fri between 9.00 and 19.00 (GMT). Face-to-face sessions available (extra charges apply) - we will discuss this in your initial free, 15-minute phone consultation.

To be taken within 4 months.

Package includes coaching plan, 1-1 coaching, liaising with HR, task management & email follow up and costs 

£540 (GBP) per month 

(min contract of 2 months, payable by BACS or Bank Card).

* Hypnotherapy packages available for more help with mental health conditions

Monthly 'Drop-In' Corporate Package


One half-day per month - flexible use


  • Ideal for provide regular wellbeing check-ins and opportunities to offload 
  • Includes training in coping tools & techniques
  • Reduces disruption to management & colleagues
  • May be used for up to 7 people per month (7 x 30 min calls)
  • Telephone & Skype only 

£420 (GBP) per month 

(annual contract, payable by Standing Order).

How to Pay

Card or Bank Transfer


Debit & Credit card payments taken over the phone.

Details for direct bank payment:

Name: Amanda Craven

Sort Code: 09-01-27

Account No: 24703888