Benefits to You

Save Money & Increase Income

Reduced absences and increased productivity - up to 15% return on investment.

Long-lasting results, not quick fixes.

Save Time

Managers and colleagues are free to get on with their tasks whilst I take care of those who need support

Fast, targeted support & coaching (proven track record of transforming lives in a matter of hours.)

Happier Staff

Employees able to happily remain in their post whilst improving performance.

Packages that combine your corporate goals and staff needs.

Flexible Packages

Wide range of appointments - in person, via Skype or phone - from 7.30am until late Mon-Friday.

Structured & Professional

Bespoke coaching plan & follow up emails to each session.

Clear Pricing

A transparent pricing policy so your investment is clear and you can budget effectively.

Training & Qualifications

MSc (Distinction) in Psychology


Advanced Practitioner


Certified Life Coach


Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Distinction)


CNHC Registered


Accredited Practitioner



Is anyone in your team...

  • feeling 'stuck'?
  • under-performing?
  • afraid of failing?
  • often in conflict with colleagues?
  • lacking motivation or direction?
  • going through life changing events?
  • struggling with self-confidence?
  • unable to speak in public?
  • experiencing work/life balance issues?
  • suffering from anxiety?

Talk to Me about Finding Solutions

"Through the successful implementation of an effective action to create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations can expect a positive return on investment (ROI) of 2.3 - 15." 

(The Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance, 2014) 

This means that for every £1/$1 you spend on professional coaching programmes with me, your business can make or save up to £15/$15. Not many investment opportunities offer that!